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Leadership Conference 2024

2024 main theme

Timeless over Trends

We're excited to introduce "Timeless over Trends" as the theme for this year's Woman Leadership Conference, happening from March 28th to 30th, 2024, in Cluj-Napoca. This theme celebrates the beauty of making sustainable choices in our ever-changing world and encourages finding a harmonious balance between enduring values and modern trends.

At the heart of "Timeless" is the idea of universal appeal and lasting significance, weaving a connection across different times and grounding us in our heritage while looking ahead. Whether it's fashion, architecture, literature, or any other field, timeless design stands out for its ability to remain relevant and evoke a sense of eternal beauty. In the realm of business, this translates into a focus on sustainability, exceptional quality, and a vision that looks far into the future.

The visual identity of the event is crafted by Felicia Simion, whose stunning photograph "Homage to Brâncuși" clinched the BLACK & WHITE FINE ART PHOTO OF THE YEAR 2023 award from Monovisions, adding a touch of artistic excellence to our gathering. Join us as we delve into the timeless, exploring how it intertwines with and elevates the trends of today.

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Join us in welcoming these remarkable women who are not just leaders in their fields but are also passionate about making a difference. We look forward to the conversations, connections, and breakthroughs that will emerge as we come together to shape the future of leadership.

Cristina Bâtlan


Co-founder Musette & Chanand

Miruna Tara-Lunga



Alina Eremia



Ana Bitu


Advertising Creative, Co-founder & content writer SuperAge

Laura Baldini


Founder of Laura Baldini Company

Sandra Gătejeanu-Gheorghe


Consul General of Romania in Barcelona

Nina Moldovan


President of the board Winners First, Radisson BLU Cluj Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Romania

Ileana Badiu


Managing Director at Wunderman Thompson Romania, Founder of SuperAge by Ileana Badiu

Andreea Berecleanu


One of the legendary figures in Romanian TV journalism

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