The Woman Leadership Conference

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The Woman 2021 - Stories Behind the Woman: RAW / HONEST / TRUE

In 2021, what did the Women's Leadership Conference mean?

13 speakers

280 participants

32+ partners

18 exhibition stands

22+ volunteers

Under the theme "Stories Behind the Woman: RAW / HONEST / TRUE," the guests shared their experiences, obstacles, fears, and key moments that defined them as successful women.

A few highlights:

The Woman Leadership Conference, 2021 Edition, was moderated by Nicolle Stănese.

The microphones came to life with the start of the panel dedicated to online content creators. The three guests: Geanina Rădulescu, Ana Petcu, and Șerban Lorena answered Mihai Dumitrița's questions about what being a content creator entails beyond the campaigns and numbers seen online.

Ioana Chicet-Macoveiciuc, known in the virtual world as the Urban Princess, took us back in time, specifically to childhood, making us ponder how our lives would have looked if our mothers had received therapy at the right moment.

Ada Galeș engaged in an open dialogue with the audience about the fears women face in everyday life, more common than we might think. Her optimistic tone reminded us that regardless of the obstacles we face, life remains beautiful and simple.

Cristina Pîrv, one of Romania's most valuable volleyball players, discussed the motivation, perseverance, and discipline of an athlete. These three aspects helped Cristina become a name in world volleyball, and she shared the importance of sports and disciplined practice with her children.

The panel discussion brought The Woman's raw / honest / true versions of three different women to the stage. Cristina Nesterov shared how responding to a need can later become a business, Geanina Simion, from the perspective of a communication professional, talked about the challenge she faces when bringing audiences to the cultural events she organizes, and Mirela Susan emphasized that success in any business comes from accepting risks and engaging with passion.

Florina Onețiu reminded us to keep our heads high and move forward regardless of obstacles, to learn to accept opportunities, educate ourselves, and at the same time, value ourselves - a journey of accepting and listening to our own limits, which she embraced from "busy being full" to "easy being cool." You are cool!

Nicoleta Hrițcu shared both the journey of accepting her own femininity and her contribution to developing a business. "Being feminine means being in harmony with ourselves. Being true to ourselves." Thus, we need to be aware and accept our less pleasant side without letting it control us. In business, as it evolves, Nicoleta recommended delegating as much as possible to a trusted team.

Denisa Tănase encouraged us to be more confident in our potential to achieve our own dreams. Her Ikigai ("reason for being") is to inspire every woman by the power of example. Denisa confessed that starting your own business is not easy, but you have to believe in it and your inner strength, and one of the most important steps is to start the journey, regardless of obstacles, fears, uncertainty, or doubts.


"Just being surrounded by beautiful feminine energy has recharged me to other levels" - @lifeofachocolategirl, participant.

"The most beautiful conference with and about strong, ambitious, and invincible women." - Lorena Șerban, speaker in the Content Creators Panel.

"I wholeheartedly recommend every woman to participate at least once in The Woman conference... there is a great need for such events for us. It was the first time I attended, and I promised I would not miss it again... It was worth every moment I spent at this event, and I left spiritually enriched, with more confidence in myself, with connected friends, with the feeling that whenever I fall, someone will be willing to help me rise." - Corina Scheianu, participant.

"For me, this year's edition was special. Besides the beautiful and productive discussion where I talked about the most important aspects of an influencer's life with the three guests, I had the opportunity to see and meet a community of entrepreneurial, powerful women with good taste. But the most beautiful surprise was to see honest women on stage who embraced everything they are and were not afraid to express their ideas, good and less good experiences. We enjoyed together an intimate edition close to the heart." - Dumitrița Mihai, moderator of the Content Creators Panel.

Ada Galeș revealed that she has no words to tell us how good she felt and considers herself "successful" for having the opportunity to be present and speak at this year's edition.