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The Woman 2022 - The Legacy

The 2022 edition of the annual conference The Woman, an event that promotes and celebrates female leadership, took place on July 28, 2022, at Radisson Blu Cluj-Napoca.

The 2022 edition, by the numbers, included:

11 speakers on stage

 over 400 participants in the audience

40 supporting companies

20 exhibition booths

10+ volunteers

a lot of emotion, leadership lessons, and examples of performance.

The theme of the edition was ”Legacy” – what I do for others plus what I do for myself, but with a positive impact on those around us. We inherit behaviors, patterns, elements of culture, or even material aspects, but each of us has the chance, through what we do every day, to leave a legacy.

The Woman stage was the place where 13 extraordinary women wrote a part of their legacy:

Roxana Lupu, the presenter of the edition, was the first to step onto The Woman stage. She asked, listened, complimented, and shared all the emotions found on stage.

Crina Ciocian, co-founder of The Woman, opened the edition by recalling the beginnings of The Woman project and emphasizing the importance of examples found on stage over the years: "If 10 years ago, when I was researching speakers for the event, the list was quite short, today, the list of women we appreciate and follow has reached a few hundred women who work daily on the projects they are involved in, naturally and sustainably building businesses and careers, thus contributing to the well-being of those around them."

Elena Lasconi, Mayor of Câmpulung Muscel, taught us that the impossible becomes possible through love for our loved ones and love for our own country.

Starting from a vacation home bought and refurbished, she became the Mayor, going through a not-so-easy journey, driven by the desire to show that even here, in our country, it is possible.

Gina Lupu talked about technology and the importance of sustainability in the field and provided some best practices in business: "Values are like seeds and need to be watered."

The co-founder of Women in Tech stated: "Technology currently produces 4% of global emissions, and this is being addressed (through renewable sources), but it is a problem, and we should approach our environmental impact responsibly."

Larisa Iordache, Olympic medalist, brought the values necessary for performance to The Woman stage: dedication, ambition, hard work, but emphasized the importance of emotional support in sports and daily life: "side by side as women, encouraging and complimenting each other."

She shared the hardest moment of her life, her mother's death, and the sacrifices of a champion's life, having to leave for training camp just three days after this event.

Daniela Micușan, General Manager of Majorel Romania, provided the example of a good leader, talking about the art of thinking independently but still together and how she blends professional and personal life.

Being in a leadership position brings the responsibility to always be there for your team. Daniela was the person who, even in the hospital with her daughter, held her laptop to take care of her team.

Dr. Alexandra Mircea shared the journey of transforming dentistry into a fun profession and concluded with the satisfactions that come from everything she does every day: "I feed on the emotion of patients and the good I manage to do."

She started publishing easily understandable information online, and the responses were unexpected, leading to the realization that people needed someone to listen to their questions and provide the right answers.

Ada Teslaru, an independent communication consultant with over 20 years of experience, revealed the definition of a strong brand – "to sum up an emotion in a single word" and the ingredients of a successful brand: "simplicity, consistency, and authenticity," mentioning that it is increasingly about personal branding: "Companies are led by people, those people by other people. As long as it's about people, people doing business with other people, it's important not to neglect personal branding and to build it."

Asked about one of her most important professional qualities, Ada responded, "people answer my calls."

Mirela Retegan, founder of Gașca Zurli, emphasized the importance of what we leave behind, urging us to leave a legacy to our community.

She initiated a wonderful project called "șura din vis" (dream barn): the construction of a place where children from Augustin will learn, through play, to read and write.

"We must not forget that we are number 1 in illiteracy in Europe, and our children will grow up in the same country with children who do not go to school. We also need to change that and give them a chance at education."

Nicolle Stănese took the stage alongside her 9-year-old daughter, Ana-Victoria. They described each other, shared what they had learned from each other, and allowed us to discover their special relationship.

Ana-Victoria confessed: "I learned more from my mom, but the most important thing is to believe in people and love them."

Anda Feher and Ane Paszkany, co-founders of Concepto, provided an example of how family connection can be the basis for developing a brand, starting from a legacy left by their grandmother.

One of the most important aspects they inherited from their parents, which they guide their lives and business by, is to value trust: "Trust is gained hard and lost quickly."

Alexandra Crăciun was the one who brought emotion and tears to The Woman stage, opening her heart and reciting from the poetry album she wrote and is about to launch soon.