Expo Area: Andreea Raicu Shop

Wonderland Cluj Napoca, March 30, 2023


A part of this year’s edition story will also include products from the Andreea Raicu brand, which you can purchase directly at the event.

Some of these products are:

Agenda Fericii, addresses the theme of happiness from all perspectives to help you understand what happiness looks like and what you need to do to enjoy it. The agenda contains detailed information about the concept of happiness and the patterns in which we are accustomed to thinking, which often keep us away from it, as well as ways and methods to transform our habits and create a sense of well-being.

The Emotion Journal, created in collaboration with psychologists Sorana Kapusta and Mirela Pop, will help you make peace with everything you feel and easily identify the truth behind the most overwhelming emotions.

T-shirts and hoodies with empowering messages, for you or someone dear to you.