Thank you for being part of our 2022 edition. See you next year!

The 10th annual The Woman Leadership Conference brings together women with different experiences, knowledge, and ambition. We connect with each other to inspire, educate and empower in order to create new possibilities for the future.

This year’s theme is called The Legacy and will explore the meaning of a legacy in a refreshing way. With different perspectives we want to find inspiration within ourselves to present the best of ourselves to others – both personal legacy and professional legacy. We are looking at how to step up as a leader, how to pass on the baton successfully when your time is up, and how to bring more women’s voices into the conversation. It’s about what we give and what we receive. A matching gift, a lesson, a life experience: everything is given with love, passion, and tenderness. This topic will be presented by women, leaders ready to share what inspires and motivates them as well.

We welcome both women and men in all areas of life – entrepreneurs, investors, managers, CEOs, business leaders, researchers, and academics as well as social entrepreneurs and public servants or just anybody interested in investing in himself/herself.

28 July 2022, Cluj-Napoca


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