The Woman Leadership Conference

GALERIA DE STIL Special Edition in partnership with The Woman

March 29-30, 2024  |   Cluj-Napoca Art Museum


Founded in 2015, Galeria de Stil was born out of the passion for authentic Romanian design. Our mission is to provide a vibrant and accessible environment for Romanian designers, creating the right place for the promotion and appreciation of their creations. At the same time, our goal is to ensure a sustainable platform for the development of the local design industry, fostering collaborations and facilitating access to unique and authentic products.


March 2024 Edition


This special edition of Galeria de Stil takes place this year on March 29-30, 2024, at the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum.


In partnership with The Woman, this edition becomes a project that highlights the timeless over trends concept, bringing to the forefront romanian designers aligned with the concept, theme, and audience of this women’s leadership conference.


Our mission remains to provide a sustainable platform for the development of the local design industry and to strengthen connections between creators, community, and potential buyers.

The aim of this edition is to highlight not only the aesthetics but also the inspirational story of Romanian creators in the context of contemporary fashion.


In the light of a world characterized by speed and continuous change, this year’s edition theme, “Timeless over Trends,” proposes a profound exploration of the confrontation between the eternal and the ephemeral, between sustainable design and passing trends.


This concept clearly calls on our participants to explore and appreciate the value of sustainable decisions in a constantly changing world. It invites to find a balance between eternal elements and the passing whims of fashion, thus promoting a balanced and sustainable approach to design and everyday life.


We invite you to join us in exploring and celebrating creativity, femininity, and innovation within a special edition of the Style Gallery, in partnership with The Woman.