The Woman Leadership Conference

Some brief highlights:

The Woman Leadership Conference, 2015 Edition, took place on March 6th at the Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj-Napoca. The edition brought 17 speakers, all ladies with a rich life experience, women included in the top influential women in the Romanian business environment. These women either lead multinational companies or head departments within these corporations.

The speakers for the edition were:

  • Patrizia Paglieri, a prominent figure in the jury of the Masterchef show on ProTV, renowned as the “pasta queen,” and a highly appreciated chef.
  • Doina Costache, currently the Head of Branding at Google Romania, with over 10 years of experience at Vodafone and UniCredit Tiriac.
  • Alexandra Stoica, co-founder of the construction and installation entrepreneurship company DAS ENGINEERING GRUP, where she holds the position of Executive Director.
  • Cornelia Nicolae, Country manager at Stefanel Romania, overseeing Stefanel’s local operations in Romania, an Italian company with ten monobrand stores and a turnover of over five million euros.
  • Amalia Sterescu, Senior Business Consultant, and Founder of Outsourcing Advisors and Public Speaking School. She is the First Ambassador of The Woman.
  • Raluca Kisescu, Senior Manager Commercial Marketing at Avon Romania and Moldova. With 15 years of marketing experience, Raluca Kisescu is a key player in the field in Romania.
  • Ioana Filipescu, Managing Director at Visa Financial Advisors, specializing in investment banking with over 20 years of experience in corporate finance and investment banking at BERD and KPMG.
  • Carmen Goldenberg, General Manager at Elgo Care, with over 25 years of experience in the Spa & Wellness field in Romania and Israel.
  • Corina Dobre, presenter of “Arena Leilor” on Romanian Television since 2002, moderating various shows, especially in the political domain.
  • Monica Soare, Managing Partner at Artwin, with over 15 years of experience in human resources management in top companies in the FMCG and Pharma sectors.
  • Genoveva Hossu, decorator and interior creator with a unique vision that brings color, personality, and energy to every space.
  • Sigina Luca, a young entrepreneur behind projects such as Eventos, Luna Cleaning, and the Association of Cooks in Transylvania.
  • Amalia Enache, one of the most appreciated female presenters on TV, hosting the Night News on Pro TV for almost 12 years.
  • Felicia Tulai, Manager at Luna Solai, with 7 years in the leasing sector at Volksbank Leasing Romania IFN SA.

The fourth edition of The Woman was structured with two workshops and four panels. The workshops were “Sales Seduction” by Monica Ion and “LeaderSHE – The Art of Winning” by Monica Soare.

The four panels were:

“Women Leadership” with Doina Costache, Cornelia Nicolae, and Monica Soare.

“Women in Business: Strengths and Disadvantages” with Cristina Chiriac, Ioana Filipescu, and Felicia Tulai.

“Successful Local Business. The World of Men” through the eyes of a woman with Sigina Luca, Genoveva Hossu, and Alexandra Stoica.

“Passion at Work” with Amalia Enache, Patrizia Paglieri, Corina Dobre, and Carmen Goldenberg.

The event concluded with a fashion show.

Impressions: Watch the video here.