The Woman Leadership Conference

Some brief highlights:

The Woman Conference 2017 took place in Cluj-Napoca from March 14-15, 2017, at the Grand Hotel Italia. On this occasion, over 500 representatives of the fairer sex gathered to discuss the theme of the edition: “Education, the power to change the world!” On March 15, the second edition of The Woman Awards Gala was held.

The edition was moderated by Dragoș Bucurenci (Communication Strategist & Public Speaking Coach at Khastalia Consulting), and The Woman Awards Gala was presented by Raluca Anton (Managing Partner, PsyLife Clinic) and Dodo Mesaroș (TV & Radio Anchorman and Producer, Voice-over, Travel Vlogger, and Social Media Video Producer).

The first day of the conference featured a Masterclass on entrepreneurship by Mirela Bucovicean, discussions on the topic of Women in TECH, and various workshops.

The second day comprised numerous speeches and two panels, all centered around the theme of education. The day concluded with The Woman Awards Gala, followed by jazz rhythms, a fashion show, and a wine tasting.

Speakers at the conference on March 15 included:

  • Măriuca Talpeș (Co-founder Bitdefender and Softwin & CEO Intuitext)
  • Cristina Mureșan & Theodora Cleja (Y13 students at Transylvania College)
  • Gabriela Szabó (CSR & Public Affairs Adecco)
  • Ana-Maria Brânză (World’s best female saber fencer)
  • Sînziana Maioreanu (CEO Aegon)
  • Mihaela Călușer (General Manager Wens Travel)
  • Stela Toderașcu (Senior Manager Commercial Marketing AVON Romania&Moldova)
  • Karina Ochiș (KO by Karina Ochiș)
  • Oana Delia Radu (Group Retail Director Cluj, Raiffeisen Bank)
  • Mirela Bucovicean (Founder Molecule F)
  • Monica Eugeniu (Managing Director “Learning about”)
  • Maria Gheorghiu (Co-founder and Executive Director of the Romanian NGO Asociația OvidiuRo)
  • Lucia Ciucă (Managing Director Quantum Data Science)
  • Camelia Șucu (Strategic Partner, ClassIn)
  • Sonia Nechifor (Managing Partner, CommunicationON)
  • Daniela Teodorescu (Editor in Chief
  • Dania Selaru (Sales and Digital Transformation Adviser)
  • Mădălina Bălan (Managing Partner, Hart Consulting)
  • Olimpia Meșa (Founder, Book to Courses™️ Online School & Instructional Design company)
  • Alexandra Crăciun (Communication Consultant)

As well as international speakers:

  • Ella Bjorns (Educator & Speaker)
  • Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan (President & CEO The Paradigm Forum)
  • Ludwik Sobolewski (CEO Bursa de Valori)
  • Melissa Sterry (Founder Bionic City).

Impressions – Watch the video here.