The Woman Leadership Conference

The end of March reunited over 650 women at the Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, The Woman, in Cluj-Napoca. The 2023 edition, titled “Ageless Success,” took place on March 30 at Wonderland Cluj-Napoca, celebrating female leadership under the theme of success that knows no age.

17 women, exemplary figures, took the stage at The Woman this year, sharing their vision of success.

Over 650 participants listened and were motivated and inspired. 

More than 50 partners supported this edition

 over 25 booths offered prizes and experiences for those in attendance. 

The Woman brought emotions, lessons, inspiration, motivation, and beauty.

The speeches centered on success and age, demonstrating that the two are unrelated. Success is subjective for each individual, and this year’s edition only reinforced that it’s never too early or too late to live what we define as success.

The edition was opened by Crina Ciocian, CEO of The Woman, who spoke about associating success with time, which is, in fact, our ally in achieving success or navigating the path to it.

With impeccable presence, Sandra Pralong, PhD, State Counselor, Department for Relations with Romanians Abroad, took the stage, delivering opening remarks. She offered extremely valuable advice from her professional and personal experience: “I recommend finding your own Everest. Everyone must conquer their Everest!” For her, “love is the only measure of success.”

Alexa Dumitru moderated the first panel focused on business, highlighting career milestones, generational communication, and female entrepreneurship. Her discussion partners were Amalia Sterescu, Eliza Yokina, Geanina Ungureanu, Ana Maria Popa, and Atena Boca.

Amalia Sterescu, a personal branding strategist, and public speaking coach gave a presentation titled “Reframing Aging,” discussing how we rethink our approach to aging: “Success has nothing to do with age! For me, it’s not even a goal; it’s the result of constant effort.”

Eliza Yokina talked about her project “De-a Arhitectura” and how she shares her passion for architecture with children.

In a discussion about success, gender, and age, Geanina Ungureanu, Head of Retail, CPI Romania, and Ana Maria Popa, Customer Operations Director at Vodafone, highlighted the differences and strengths of each generation relative to the teams they are part of.

Atena Boca brought vulnerability and emotion to The Woman stage, talking about her soul project and the hidden needs of mothers behind a wall. She began by saying, “What an honor to be in a room full of women who have chosen to dedicate a day to themselves!”

The second panel, moderated by Patricia Rusu, transitioned to the lifestyle area, emphasizing personal and professional development and reinvention in achieving success.

Andreea Berecleanu, a legendary figure in Romanian journalism, emphasized the idea that success is different for each individual: “Our experiences are different, and we can learn from each other.” She mentioned successful personalities she has interviewed and confessed that “it’s essential to be the first, but she doesn’t mind being the second.” She spoke about professional success, stating that everything related to it has been shared over time with her team.

The discussion between Ioana Enache, a Transformational Leader, and Dana Sota, an author and Spa & Wellness Consultant, emphasized the importance of living beautifully and in line with our values, whether in terms of career or personal life. “We start in life with the idea that success is almost impossible to achieve, but we don’t have a reserve life, no spare moments. I don’t relate to age but to the energy I have.” – Ioana Enache. And Dana Sota added: “There are moments when we are successful in our professional life, but we have difficult moments in our personal life, and the two can go together.”

Andreea Raicu, founder of Amalin, talked about new beginnings and the importance of finding ourselves: “From the outside, friends see happiness and success, but certain projects, at some point, no longer fulfill you. It’s normal to stop, start over with others.” She defined success as the alignment between what she is on the inside and outside, saying: “It’s not easy to look inside ourselves. I lost the old Andreea to find today’s Andreea.”

In the last panel, moderated by Geta Ungurean, the discussion shifted towards the advantages of each age.

Dr. Ioana Berciu, a functional medicine doctor, offered valuable advice on how to age beautifully: “a dose of sleep, nutrition, meditation, prayer.” She emphasized the power of women to inspire: “Women take care, and women have concerns. And because they take care, they can inspire, by personal example, those around them to take care of their health.”

Cristiana Oprea, a rally pilot, provided the necessary dose of courage for everyone: “Don’t lose your enthusiasm when going from failure to failure.”

Dora Gaitanovici shared her experience as an artist and surprised with what she does best: a musical moment, bringing emotion to the entire room.

The evening ended with a piano recital by Dora and a glass of prosecco.