The Woman Leadership Conference

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The Heart of The Woman

Our team goes beyond just the digital clicks, social media stories and colorful prints. We're a group of passionate women who believe in the power of ideas and words to stir emotions, empathy, courage, and support. We're all about aiming high but staying grounded, mixing our biggest dreams with our deepest values to do some real good: inspiring those around us, pushing for positive change, and supporting projects that shift how we see the world.

Leading the Charge: Crina Ciocian

Guiding us is Crina Ciocian, who's been in the Romanian advertising field and B2B event scene for over 15 years. She's the brains behind many successful events at Libero Events, like TeCOMM and HR Summit, gaining a lot of industry insights along the way.

Crina is also the co-founder of Meron, the top specialty-coffee shop chain in Romania, and recently, her passion for art led her to a new venture, curating the Meron Gallery, with the aim of democratizing art and bringing it closer to the wider public. 

Her work with The Woman's editorial team is all about putting the spotlight on inspiring women, sharing their stories to motivate the next generation.

Besides leading the team, Crina offers her advices to startups, helping shape the new wave of entrepreneurs with the lessons she's learned.

What We Stand For

We're here to make a difference, led by Crina's vision and fueled by a team that's passionate about making the world a bit brighter, one story at a time. Join us on this journey, where we celebrate achievements, foster growth, and build a community of empowered women.